Tessar Lo 將於大河美術舉辦其於亞洲的第一檔個展《tangere》,引領觀者進入一個永恆且流動,朦朧而意境豐富的內在空間。觀者將來到專屬於自己與藝術家的私密意識場域,像不經意瞥見一介於房間和形而上之無界區域之間的潮間帶,在傍晚至深夜時分的循環中,悠遊擺盪。藝術家對存在與流動的本質進行探索,如同拉丁字根「tangere -」所富含的意義,是一場對感知之心進行反覆咀嚼的詩意之旅。透過作品和現場的裝置,彼此交互作用下,呈現出一圖像與形態交織而成的畫面,傳遞共感記憶,連結彼此的能量節點,著實有了多重曝光的既視感。《tangere》邀請觀者在靜謐的宇宙中,思考多變的本質,以及人們於變動中對真實的理解。
展覽將於 11/11 開展,期望觀者能完全地沈浸在展覽裡!
Tessar Lo will host his first solo exhibition “tangere” in Asia, drawing viewers into a liminal, ethereal interiority in ongoing flux. Lo invites viewers to enter a private realm of consciousness, wandering and inadvertently catching glimpses of an intertidal zone that morphs from a room to an unbounded metaphysical space and back, all against the backdrop of a perpetual late evening cycle.“tangere” is an exploration of the fluid nature of existence, and true of its Latin meaning- meant for a poetic journey into the heart of perception. Through the interplay of drawing, painting, and a thoughtfully curated site-specific installation, Tessar Lo presents a rich tapestry of synthesized imagery akin to multiple exposure photographs. The forms that blur the boundaries between definition and abstraction propose a state like that of déjà vu.“tangere” invites contemplation of the mutable nature of reality and the intricate factors that shape our ever-shifting understanding of what we believe.
The show will open on the 11th of November. We hope that viewers can fully immerse themselves in the show!


日期|2023 / 11 / 11 – 12 / 30 

開幕時間|11 / 11 (Sat.) 3PM

地點|大河美術 RIVER ART Gallery