Awesome City Club發布流媒體迷你專輯《close:to》


Awesome City Club於3月13日(星期三)發布流媒體迷你專輯《close:to》(讀作“closet”)

專輯包括現在正在熱播的日本電視台系列星期三電視劇《Nursing Aide At Your Side 》(隔壁的護士助理)的主題曲「ヒカリ」(Hikari),全曲都作為合作曲被啟用。



在這次的作品中2022年發行的專輯《Get Set》之後的歌曲都被重新編譯。

Japanese band Awesome City Club release their new digital mini-album ‘close:to’ on Wednesday, March 13. All of the songs have been used in collaboration projects, including ‘hikari’, the theme song for the Wednesday drama series ‘Nursing Aide At Your Side’ currently airing on Nippon Television in Japan.

The mini-album ‘close:to’ includes several songs with the theme of “you and me”, so the spelling of the title is intended to reflect the closeness of the band and the listener. However, using Japanese wordplay, the title is pronounced “closet”, as each song is like a beloved item of clothing that the band have stored carefully in a wardrobe.

The mini-album compiles Awesome City Club’s tracks following their fourth full-length album ‘Get Set’, released in 2022.

 Awesome City Club簡介 About Awesome City Club

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2015年4月發行第一張迷你專輯《Awesome City Tracks》,獲得iTunes搖滾榜單第一名。之後也持續不斷發行多種風格的專輯。


2022年3月發行第四張完整專輯《Get Set》。

秋天擔任Amazon Original電視劇《Modern Love Tokyo》主題曲「Setting Sail 〜 Modern Love Tokyo〜」,以及電視劇第七集印象曲「yume yume yume」 (ユメ ユメ ユメ),獲得了關注。

2023年4月發布了為TBS星期二電視劇《獻給國王的無名指》創作的插曲「アイオライト」。2024年1月新曲「ヒカリ」被選為日本電視台系列星期三電視劇《Nursing Aide At Your Side 》(隔壁的護士助理)主題曲。

 Awesome City Club隨著時代不斷變化,逐漸拓展樂隊和個人活動的範圍。

Formed in 2013, Awesome City Club are a Japanese band with male and female twin vocals. They released their first mini-album ‘Awesome City Tracks’ in April 2015, which ranked at No.1 on the iTunes Rock Chart. Since then, they have released multiple albums that defy genre boundaries.

In 2021, the band members appeared in the movie ‘We Made a Beautiful Bouquet’ and released the spinoff song ‘Wasurena’, which has been streamed over 1.1 billion times across various streaming platforms and related videos. In the same year, they won an Excellent Work Award at the 63rd Japan Record Awards, followed by their debut appearance on NHK’s prestigious yearend music show, ‘72nd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen’.

Awesome City Club released their fourth full-length album ‘Get Set’ in March 2022. In the fall of that year, they received acclaim for ‘Setting Sail ~MODERN LOVE • TOKYO~’, their theme song for the Amazon Original drama ‘Modern Love Tokyo’, as well as the song ‘yume yume yume’ for the same series’ seventh episode.

In April 2023, they released ‘Iolite’, which was written as an insert song for the TBS Tuesday drama ‘Kissing the Ring Finger’. Their recent hit ‘hikari’ was selected as the theme song for the Nippon Television Wednesday drama ‘Nursing Aide At Your Side’, which began airing in January 2024.

As Awesome City Club evolve with the times, they continue to take on new challenges, growing both as a band and as individuals.