LIL LEAGUE發行首張專輯《TRICKSTER》,全曲流媒體上線!

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專輯《TRICKSTER》中收錄了2月5日先行發布,MV播放量已接近400萬的主打曲「Lollipop」,只在活動和現場演出中表演過,應粉絲熱烈要求收錄成作品的情緒高昂的歌曲「飛龍-FeiLong-」,在去年夏天舉辦的組合單獨音樂廳巡演“LIL LEAGUE LIVE TOUR 2023 “LIL GATEWAY”中首次表演的「15分」和「Okay」,以及作為對粉絲回饋的新曲「タングステン」(Tungsten)和「アイドンケア」(I don’t care)


「アイドンケア」則是成員山田晃大/岡尾真虎/百田隼麻/難波碧空4人小分隊曲。歌曲在鋼琴和牛頭琴交織的音軌中,傳達了對無法改變的情況下採取漠不關心的態度的歌曲,呈現出與以往輕快明亮的LIL LEAGUE不同的風格。歌曲是由眾所周知的Saeki YouthK和英國大熱歌曲製作人Kevin Charge作詞作曲。

LIVE盤收錄了音樂廳巡演“LIL LEAGUE LIVE TOUR 2023 “LIL GATEWAY”中的東京公演和巡演幕後花絮,MV盤中收錄了主打曲「Lollipop」的MV和幕後製作花絮,以及目前為止發布的MV。

LIL LEAGUE於去年1月出道,獲得“第65次日本唱片大賞”新人賞。出道單曲“Hunter”獲得Oricon一位,Billboard JAPAN HOT100第2位。


出道半年就舉辦單獨音樂廳巡演,在一年之中迅速成長,並進入新階段的LIL LEAGUE,他們的首張專輯值得矚目。

Japanese boyband LIL LEAGUE have released their first full album, ‘TRICKSTER’, with all tracks available on download and streaming services now.

The album ‘TRICKSTER’ includes the song ‘Lollipop’, which began advance streaming on February 5, and whose music video is fast approaching 4 million views, as well as the up-tempo song ‘FeiLong’, which became a fan favorite at concerts and a much-requested release. The album also includes ’15 Minutes’ and ‘Okay’, both of which were unveiled during the group’s LIL LEAGUE LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘LIL GATEWAY’ hall tour held in Japan last summer, as well as new bonus tracks ‘Tungsten’ and ‘I don’t care’.

‘Tungsten’ was performed by the group’s senior vocalists Sena Iwaki and Tatsuhiro Nakamura as a duo. The song’s title refers to tungsten metal, which is so hard it can only be cut by diamonds. In a world where it can be so difficult to show individuality, the song expresses how we can overcome the barriers in society if we have determination and bonds as tough as tungsten.

‘I don’t care’ was sung by group members Kodai Yamada, Matora Okao, Haima Momoda and Sora Namba. Over a piano and cowbell accompaniment, the members recount a time when they were forced to overcome feelings of hopelessness and apathy, creating a vibe that is different from LIL LEAGUE’s previous poppier, more upbeat songs. The song was written by Yusuke Saeki, who has provided songs for many different artists, and British hitmaker Kevin Charge.

The ‘LIVE’ version of the album includes a Blu-ray packed with footage from the Tokyo performance of LIL LEAGUE LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘LIL GATEWAY’, as well as a behind-the-scenes movie from the tour, while the ‘MV’ edition includes the music video for ‘Lollipop’ and behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot, along with music videos for other LIL LEAGUE singles to date.

LIL LEAGUE made their debut in January last year and won the Best New Artist Award at the 65th Japan Record Awards, while their debut single ‘Hunter’ ranked No.1 on the Oricon Chart and No.2 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart. LIL LEAGUE were also selected by respondents in the Next Trend Prediction poll for the second half of 2023, based on the choices of 120,000 Generation Z voters.

After a whirlwind debut year that included holding a headline hall tour of Japan just six months after their debut, LIL LEAGUE are moving into a new phase – and anticipation for their upcoming first full-length album is reaching fever pitch. 

IMG 3886


岩城星那(Sena Iwaki)/ 19歳

中村竜大(Tatsuhiro Nakamura)/ 19歳

山田晃大(Kodai Yamada)/ 18歳

岡尾真虎(Matora Okao) / 15歳

百田隼麻(Haima Momoda)/ 15歳

難波碧空(Sora Nanba)/ 15歳